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Lost Relics slot, the newest Cluster Pays game from NetEnt takes you on a thrilling tour of the historic ruins. To trigger the enigmatic mechanism and uncover the hidden treasures, collect three scatter symbols.

A 5-reel, 5-row video slot with the Cluster Pays feature that offers Coin Win, Extra Wild, Extra Scatter, and Free Spins is called Lost Relics. The Coin Win, Extra Wild, and Extra Scatter features are concealed behind the winning cluster’s symbols at random. Every time there is a clusterwin, this increases the expectation of a biggerwin. Additionally, the Hidden Chest feature in free spins adds even more excitement by allowing clusterwins to uncover chests hidden behind the reels that contain Extra Free spins, Sticky Wilds, and Coin Wins.

This review will discuss the game’s overview, including its graphics and theme, how to play the game, and individually go through the game features. In addition, we will also give you some tips and strategies so you can maximize your wins by playing the Lost Relics slot.

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Game Overview

Game Name

Lost Relics

Game Provider


Game Type

Video Slot Game 

Return To Player (RTP)


Reel Type

Spinning Reels

Reel, Lines

5 reels, 5 rows, Clusters (no bet lines)

Default Bet Levels

1 – 10

Default Coin Values (€)

0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2

Default Min / Max Bet (€)

0.2 / 400

Minimum Free Round Values

(Please check your current free

round values)

Bet level 1, fixed bet 20 coins, €0.01 coin value (cost €0)

Lost Relics Slot Feature

  1. Cluster Pays
  2. Coin Win
  3. Extra Wild
  4. Extra Scatter
  5. Free Spins
  6. Hidden Chest

Theme and Graphics

In Lost Relics, the player assumes the role of an ambitious archaeologist on a mission to investigate the ancient ruins and unravel their mysteries. The mechanism beside the reels is activated when three Scatter symbols are obtained in the main game. This opens the door to the hidden chamber beneath the ruins, which is packed with riches and other treasures.

How To Play Lost Relics Slot

When looking at the 5×5 grid from above, each location resembles a stone floor tile in an old building. To the left of this, an explorer’s tent is built, and even when the reels are not turning, the game is still in motion thanks to animated campfire flames.

There is a bizarre round metal object on the other side of the floor. As we will learn later in our review, it is the key to a Lost Relics free spins bonus, giving the setting a sense of mystery and giving it a Tomb Raider feel.

Although they can be connected horizontally or vertically to create winning combinations, the intricately crafted symbols must land in groups of six or more to be considered a winning combination. When clusters of six are seen, playing card suit symbols will each be worth two coins, up to high limits of 1,500 coins if all 25 tiles are occupied by a single type.

Other emblems include a Greek helmet and daggers. A ring and a red orb that has a golden snake wrapped around it are the top symbols. When sighted in groups of six, each artifact is worth 20 coins, and their value increases to 6,000 coins when 25 of a sort land simultaneously to fill the entire grid.

Lost Relics Featured Image for How To
Lost Relics How to play

Lost Relics Slot Features

When a spin yields a winning combination, one of three bonuses can be randomly activated:

  • Extra Wilds.  up to three additional wilds are added to the reels.
  • Extra Scatter.  The reels now feature an additional scatter.
  • Coin Win.  On top of your win, a gift with a value of up to 30x is given.

When three or more scatter symbols appear on the reels, the free spins bonus is activated. During the course of your ten free spins, hidden treasure chests on the reels will appear. When you make winning combinations,  behind the winning symbols, you’ll discover whether there is any hidden treasure.

The symbols come in three sizes and take up a variable amount of slots on the reels. You will receive one of the following rewards when you open the chests:

  • Sticky Wilds
  • Extra Free Spins
  • Coin Win worth up to 30x

Extra Wild

Three additional Wilds are added while the Extra Wild function is active. Symbols are given out and dropped at random onto the reels in the roles that are vacant and not a part of the winning cluster by Wild or Scatter Symbols. Another feature might be activated if there are three additional Wild symbols placed on the reels. The Extra Wild bonus can cause up to 15 Wild symbols to show up on the reels. A wild symbol may be a component of more than one cluster and may contribute to a cluster of any other sign. Only when used in conjunction with other symbols do wild symbols grant a victory. All other symbols besides scatter symbols can be replaced by wild symbols. Substituting a wild symbol yields the greatest potential payout according to the Paytable, a combination in a cluster.

Extra Scatter

One of the symbols in a winning combination awards an extra Scatter symbol when the Extra Scatter feature is active. Between the Extra Scatter feature and the basic game, a maximum of three Scatter symbols may be awarded. The Extra Scatter feature cannot be triggered after 3 Scatter symbols have been awarded, either in the regular game or by the Extra Scatter feature. The Extra Scatter symbol is still a part of the winning cluster.

Coin Win

One of the symbols in a winning combination awards a coin win of between 3 and 30 times the bet when the Coin Win feature is active. The winning cluster still contains the symbol that grants the coin victory. The winnings from the Coin Win feature are added to the winnings from the round in which it was activated.

Lost Relics Extra Wild Feature
Lost Relics Extra Scatter
Lost Relics Extra Scatter Feature
Lost Relics Coin Win Feature

Tips and Strategy for Lost Relics Slot Game

The metal object on the right side of the reels fills up when three scatter symbols are collected, and ten free spins are given as a reward.

In these games, a treasure box that occupies six tiles and is placed at random is concealed beneath the tiles. The stone-effect tiles turn transparent for any remaining free spins as winning clusters begin to reveal the chest. The stone tiles are changed, a new chest is buried, and it will gradually become visible when more winning clusters are landed if a chest is entirely revealed before the ten free spins are up. The valuables inside any uncovered chests are unlocked and shown. 

You must line up six or more matching symbols in a cluster in Lost Relics for a victory. The gameplay in Aloha Cluster Pays and The Legend of Shangri La Cluster Pays, two hugely popular NetEnt games, is comparable to this. The lowest prize you can win is worth twice the size of your coin, but if you get 25 snake symbols on the reels, you can reap rewards worth up to 6000 times that amount.


At maximum stakes, a top prize of 300 times the entire bet can earn 120,000.00. It won’t take you very long to find winning clusters and additional features in the Lost Relics online slot, according to our testers. Therefore, try spinning the reels of this slot machine at a NetEnt casino right now while imagining yourself as Indiana Jones or Lara Croft.

Lost Relics Slot Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The payout percentage for Lost Relics by NetEnt is 96.30%.

The highest payoff offered by Lost Relics is a staggering 6000x.

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