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Jumanji Slot is NetEnt’s newest branded game, based on the original Jumanji movie from 1995. NetEnt brings its twist to the Jumanji universe by transforming calamities that befell Alan into features with slot mechanics.

Jumanji, the board game able to conjure a mythical jungle at a moment’s notice, is back better than ever. Countless bonus features will enrich gameplay even during regular rounds. You can progress your game piece along the track on the board whenever you activate one of them. Monsoon Wilds, Monkey Mayhem, and countless free spin modes are just the tip of the iceberg regarding fun game mechanics.

In this review, I will discuss the game’s overview, including its graphics and theme, how to play the game, and individually go through the game features. In addition, I will also give you some tips and strategies so you can maximize your wins by playing Jumanji online slot.

Game Overview

Game Name


Game Provider


Game Type

Video Slot Game 

Return To Player (RTP)


Reel Type

Spinning Reels

Reel, Lines

5 reels, 3,4,5,4,3 rows, 36 bet lines (fixed)

Default Bet Levels

1 – 10

Default Coin Values (€)

0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2

Default Min / Max Bet (€)

0.1 / 100

Minimum Free Round Values

(Please check your current free

round values)

0.1 / 200

Jumanji Slot Game Features

  1. Sticky Vines
  2. Monsoon Wilds
  3. Monkey Mayhem
  4. Wild Stampede
  5. Board Game
  6. Vines Free Spins
  7. Monsoon Free Spins
  8. Stampede Free Spins
  9. Mystery Feature


Theme and Graphics

The story of Jumanji is about a supernatural board game that exposes its players to jungle-based dangers, such as raging rhinoceros. The first movie was a massive hit for Robin Williams and started a successful franchise.

Combined with the pounding drums of the soundtrack, the experience is like being immersed in the movie and playing the mystical, magical game of Jumanji yourself while waiting to roll a five or eight.

How to Play Jumanji Slot

Based on the original classic Jumanji movie from 1995, NetEnt brought its twist to the Jumanji universe by transforming the calamities that befell Alan into bonus features with slot mechanics. The board game feature is unique and among the first of its kind as it combines elements of board games and free spins features.

Choose your bet before you play. There are options from as little as £0.10 up to £100. As you hit spin, you’ll be looking out for the different symbols and hoping to land a matching combination of three or more symbols to collect a win. 

Low-paying symbols consist of the A-J playing card symbols, while further up the payscale, you have the various animals of the jungle. There’s a pelican, crocodile, rhino, and the jungle king, the lion.

As you step into the world of Jumanji, you may encounter various other features that will help you to land big wins. More on those in the Game Feature section.

how to play jumanji online slot
how to play jumanji online slot

Jumanji Slot Features

Jumanji is a terrifying board game that most would never want to play. In the Jumanji slot, however, we’ve ensured that everything that happens can only boost your winning potential instead of destroying your house and turning you into a monkey! 


These are one of the most common features you’ll encounter in the game. Wilds can land anywhere across the reels and will substitute for other paying symbols in the game. They’ll effectively help you to land wins.

Sticky Vines

The sticky vines are the first of four bonus features that can trigger randomly at any point in the game. Just like in the film, you never know what will happen next! When the sticky vines feature is active, any winning symbols and wilds will stick to the reels, and the reels will respin. 

Monsoon Wilds

One or two reels will suddenly become covered entirely in wilds in this feature. If you’re lucky enough, this can lead to big wins across multiple paylines.

Monkey Mayhem

For this bonus feature, the monkeys will appear and start shuffling the symbols around to give players a guaranteed win. The size of the win will depend on how lucky you are. 

Wild Stampede

If this feature activates, the reels will shake, and a stampede of animals will suddenly burst through the house and crash through the reels. They’ll leave loads of wilds in their wake, leading to a big payout. This feature will get additional wilds between four and nine.

Jumanji Free Spins and Bonuses

If that wasn’t enough for you, don’t worry, there are still loads more unique features to uncover in the Jumanji slot. One of the main symbols in the game is the scatter, which is instantly recognizable as the Jumanji board game itself.

Free Spins

Collecting three scatters on a single spin will see players unlock the bonus board game mode. Here players will receive a certain number of dice rolls depending on the number of scatters they landed. Three scatters give six dice rolls, while five give eight rolls. The player’s token then moves around the board until it lands on one of the free spin bonuses in the corners of the board.

Vines Free Spins

Players receive ten free spins for this bonus round, and the sticky vines are in effect for the duration. That means any win causes the winning symbols to stick in place, and a free respin is given. Vines will also cause wilds to stick to the reels.

Monsoon Free Spins

For this feature, you’ll get seven free spins. For each spin, up to two reels can turn fully wild during the monsoon-free spins. 

Monkey Free Spins

Here, players will receive six free spins. The monkeys rearrange symbols after any initial win every time you spin to form a guaranteed win. 

Stampede Free Spins

For the Stampede free spins, you’ll receive five free spins, and the stampede will happen after every single spin. 

Extra Bonuses

As your token moves around the board, it can also land on other bonus features. These include extra dice rolls, coin wins, and a mystery feature. The coin wins payout an instant prize, while the mystery feature could be more dice rolls, more free spins, or a big win.



jumanji online slot monsoon wild feature
Jumanji Monsoon Wilds
Jumanji Slot: Sticky Vines Feature
Jumanji Slot: Sticky Vines
jumanji online slot monkey mayhem feature
Jumanji Slot Monkey Mayhem
jumanji online slot wild stampede feature
Jumanji Slot Wild Stampede

Tips and Strategy for Jumanji Slot Game

Jumanji is a slot game that is based on RNGs, despite its abundance of extra features and board-based action. It follows that you cannot forecast when a big win will occur or affect the outcome of any spin.

Select Your Bet Size Cautionary

To offer yourself the best chance of breaking even when playing Jumanji, decide on a stake that you can afford to cover for at least 50 spins. Use this stake as the foundation for your session budget.

Place Limits

Another intelligent strategy to monitor your bankroll is to set win and loss limitations on your auto-spins. When you reach the limit, leave 50% of your winnings in your bank. You can play Jumanji another day if you do it that way!

tips and strategy for jumanji online slot


The original Jumanji movie is an all-time classic with a highly original story and excellent acting. NetEnt wanted to do the movie justice by creating an incredible slot that lived up to the Jumanji name.

This outstanding game is worth playing, even if you’ve never seen the film. It comes with some fun animations during the features and brings the magic of Jumanji back to life.

Jumanji Online Slot Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This licensed slot machine generates random results; all you need is a good fortune. Look through the paytable to determine how and how much you can win.

The long-term average expected Return to Player of Jumanji online slot is 96.33%

You can play Jumanji Online Slot on different online casino operators such as CGA Games.

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