Crypto Game Alliance: Blockchain-Based iGaming Platform

Crypto Game Alliance: Blockchain-Based iGaming Platform

Crypto Game Alliance (CGA), a blockchain-based igaming platform, has been established to power a new generation of decentralized games. In addition, the main goal of CGA is to provide a more transparent, decentralized, and fair igaming environment for players worldwide.

Blockchain technology has opened up new opportunities for the igaming industry. Firstly, by using smart contracts and cryptocurrency, blockchain-based games have done away with third parties. Secondly, it brought back more control to developers, players, and investors. But this is only the beginning of what blockchain can do for igaming.

In this article, we will talk about the need for a Crypto Game Alliance, the benefits of using CGA, and how to be part of the alliance. 

Why Is There A Need for Crypto Game Alliance (CGA)?

Crypto Game Alliance (CGA) is an unprecedented game alliance that applies the encrypted and in-depth random algorithm. In other words, it realizes game use through blockchain-based cryptocurrency.

The goal is to develop a game ecosystem that connects several game developers through the CGA Games platform.

Conventional developers can easily present their games within the CGA Platform. Each game can generate strong security and instant profit through CGA Coin.

Users can easily use various games using CGA coin and experience an intuitive ecosystem within the platform.

To encourage participation, the alliance shares solutions including encryption, a direct betting system, and APIs of the CGA platform.

Through the CGA platform, each game company resolves difficulties it encounters in the market.

What Are The Benefits Of Using CGA?

CGA is a decentralized platform that onboard blockchain-based games and apps. Meaning that all transactions are peer-to-peer and don’t rely on any central authority. This ensures that users are in control of their money and data, while also making it transparent, secure, and reliable. Furthermore, CGA has been designed with fairness at its core by using a ‘Delegated Proof of Stake model. It ensures players receive their rewards instantly without having to pay fees upfront or wait for their earnings to arrive!

CGA Games

CGA Games is the igaming platform of the crypto game alliance. It adopts an encryption system and makes it impossible to manipulate.

Through CGA Games, developers were able to onboard offline casinos and make them available to online users through cryptocurrency.

Users can simultaneously place bets and stream videos of casino games taking place offline. Users can use CGA Coin to directly bet in each game and receive their profit in-real time.

CGA Coin and our peer-to-peer crypto exchange partner provide our igaming platform with complete decentralization and anonymity.

CGA Coin

  • High-Speed Cryptocurrency

What sets the crypto game alliance apart is its very own cryptocurrency. The CGA coin is the exclusive coin that resolved problems such as slow block time, and inefficient mining methods. It also offers centralized hash power. which counters the decentralization, and more. Lastly, almost instantaneously compared to Bitcoin, the user can verify the entire transaction process within a few seconds.

  • CGA’s Blockchain Technology

CGA COIN using the DAG algorithm applies a block-lattice structure, which is known as the next-generation blockchain technology. In addition, it is used to conform to technical definitions of blockchain including uni-directionality and non-circulation and achieves extremely short block time. By lightening the UDP protocol, CGA Coin has achieved a fast transaction speed of a few seconds.

This allowed the system to process more than 6,000 transactions per second.​

  • Ecosystem

CGA implements a practical use of its igaming ecosystem through adapting blockchain technology-based cryptocurrency.

With a plan to gradually expand its business from in-game use to payments in rewards stores, utility coins, etc.

Ultimately, its goal is to use cryptocurrency in a practical economic medium.

  • Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS)

CGA moved away from the original PoW method that requires high computer resources as well as high hardware specifications. It also replaced miners with validators to increase efficiency.

People’s shares will be established based on how many coins they own. They can also participate in votes for priority rights to block verification.

Lastly, they can delegate their vote if they do not want block verification or when they are offline.

CGA Explorer

CGA’s block explorer verifies transactions and lets users view them in real-time. Anyone can see and verify all activities of the CGA network.

There are currently two (2) explorers namely CGA Live Node Explorer and CGA Beta Node Explorer


The CGA team developed a wallet where users can safely store their CGA Coins. It runs under the same technology so its safe can handle thousands of transactions, and has a fast transfer speed. Using an application in both iOS and Android OS, users can experience easy account wallet management and fast coin transfer. It is a digital wallet exclusively for our CGA Coins and CGA Games

How To Get Started?

Joining the alliance and getting your hands on CGA Coins is very easy. You just have to visit CGA Games and create an account, which only takes up to a few minutes. 

As for CGA Coin, you can get it through Explace, one of our peer-to-peer crypto exchange partners.

We have prepared an in-depth tutorial on how you can be part of the alliance and start earning.

In addition, you can also check these videos on how to create a CGA Games account and buy CGA Coin.

  1. How to Start Playing
  2. How to Buy CGA Coin


If you encounter any problems, kindly reach out to our support team at [email protected] or fill out this form. Our support team is available 24/7.



The introduction of the Crypto Game Alliance is a step in the right direction for the igaming industry. We are excited to see what the future holds. Many games are already using blockchain technology, but there is still room for more adoption across all platforms. We look forward to seeing how this new alliance will impact both developers and gamers alike. In conclusion, the Crypto Game Alliance is a revolutionary way to bring blockchain technology and igaming together.

In short, the CGA platform provides users with a safe and secure environment in which they can play their favorite games. Above all, this lets you earn CGA Coin as a reward which you can convert to other cryptocurrencies or fiat. With this new style of igaming on the rise, it will be interesting to see how popular titles like Starburst XXXtreme or Gonzo’s Quest perform in this market! That said, join and be part of the alliance now!

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