The future of iGaming: how industry is changing

The future of iGaming. In these 2 years of the pandemic, when most of the time it has been impossible to play at real casinos, we have already had numerous opportunities to play games at new online casinos without the need to go out.

Online slots live poker, and games with players from all over the world or with bots gave us the possibility to play without commuting to the casino building to gamble and have fun.
As a matter of fact, the iGaming industry is only growing and constantly finding new ways to entertain people. Let us take a step into the future and see the possibilities ahead of us.

VR casino experience in iGaming

Some people are in love with the casino atmosphere and culture and sitting in front of a computer screen does not represent the same experience for them. However, they may have a long way to the casino building or just can’t afford the gambling night on site.

AI casino experience might be the ideal solution for such people. They won’t need to leave their houses to enter the casino. VR equipment will be all they need to enjoy the atmosphere while playing with AI characters or real people using the same technology from their houses.

Moreover, the metaverse hype topic perfectly matches this scenario, giving us the chance to feel in the round the casino environment, noises, lights, and fun.

Holographic solutions

The development and growth of the technology and casino industry interest in every new opportunity may lead to wonderful solutions.

One of these might be an entirely online casino that you can enter. A particular gaming table might be displayed to you as a hologram as well as your competitors connected from their houses. Holographic solutions have been with us for some time now, but they are still far from being used in full capacity.

Who knows, maybe one day we will see holograms just like those from science fiction movies?

Playing iGaming with AI

Playing against artificial intelligence might be interesting for the players who are not feeling confident about their skills and experience in games of chance. This might be a form of training to master skills and gain more confidence. Moreover, some developers have already made it possible to try such a thing.

We have already had bots we can play all kinds of games with, but they are not 100% AI, since they are just software with particular code, and AI can make part of decisions on its own.

This is a new level of computer games, including casino games, since AI will not get angry or cheat during its gameplay, but it will always have the best option to win in its “mind” while people can simply miss that and go on with an opportunity that can be passed over.

iGaming Crypto-casinos

Last but not least, the growth of the crypto-world forced the iGaming market to implement fast deposits and withdrawal with cryptocurrencies, in order to give players the possibility to play faster and safer.

The only issue that came up at the very beginning was the connection between the way casinos are used and blockchain. 

Since blockchain has a “born-with” decentralized system, casinos had to figure out how to give bonuses to players, overcome the Ethereum gas fees and solve the cumbersome Bitcoin proof-of-work system.

Nowadays we can play with our cryptos, given that all the crypto-casinos accept from 1 to 17 different currencies.

Why is the iGaming industry so eager to implement newer and newer technologies?

Casinos have now understood that new technologies attract more and more clients, especially those from younger generations who crave from something new every few months.

And with the growing number of online casino players, casinos must always be one step ahead in order not to lose their clients.

Nowadays people who play such games do have a lot more options that can make them want to stick with that game and become addicted to it because they will find something new at each visit. In fact, a wider choice of games and entertainment prevent addiction to one of them since you can switch and try others instead.

Also, casinos have a purpose for their technology, whereas other industries can put new solutions in place only for recognition and audience, but without specific tasks to perform.

In addition, many casino visitors are wealthy people who expect high-quality service and if casinos are stuck in one place, they will surely lose their customers, because outdated, faulty machines and cards sticky from beer and drinks are not things that are tolerated by gamblers anymore.


Keeping up with new technologies is a necessity for casinos. And if they don’t, they will find themselves in the same situation as indoor amusement parks were over a decade ago- outdated and out of fashion.

Casinos, both on-site and online, must do everything to remain popular attractions for gamblers who enjoy variety and quality entertainment that in just a few years only new technologies will be able to provide.

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