Join the Crypto Game Alliance

Hey! Welcome to our first official communication.

We are CGA – the Crypto Game Alliance – and we’re here to introduce our idea, our concept, and our vision on how cryptocurrency and iGaming can coexist in a single, fantastic reality.

In a world crowded with technology, finance, and gaming, people no longer have a clear concept of conscientious gaming. They often let themselves be carried away by word of mouth or, worse, by the news served up by mainstream industry publications, leading to investments and bets on cryptos and casinos that are only recommended and never properly researched.

And you? Do you still want to be told which casino to play in or which crypto to invest in? Of course not, you’re so much more than that.

CGA is alliance and democracy, a concentration of intentions towards the only goal that really matters: PROFIT LAND!

In fact, CGA GAMES and its crypto CGA COIN* allow you to play the most hyped-up games and the most popular providers of the day without limits your STAY BONUS (feature coming soon), thanks to which by owning just 1 CGA COIN, at any one time, you will access the division of profits at the end of the year.

You heard us right: Our STAY BONUS program will give you the ability to share profits with us..

In the name of justice – given that there is so little of it around these days – we believe it’s right for our customers to share a much greater vision than just the game: we want you to team up, to be a part of a techno-nation, all playing under the same philosophy, one that inspires countless others.

Join the alliance and benefit not only as a player but as the owner of the CGA COINS.

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