Here you are – Welcome to the Crypto Game Alliance

Hey! If you’ve made it this far, it means that we’ve caught your attention: thanks for that.

The time has come to explain what CGA is and what we’re doing to change the world of cryptocurrencies and gaming, once and for all.

Let’s start with CGA COIN*:

High Speed CGA COIN

CGA COIN is an exclusive cryptocurrency for our Crypto Game Alliance platform, which has resolved issues including:

• slow time blocking
• inefficient mining
• centralised hash power that counteracts decentralisation
• and many more

Users can verify the entire transaction process in seconds: that’s almost instantly compared to Bitcoin!

CGA COIN’s Blockchain Technology

CGA COIN, using the DAG algorithm, applies a block lattice structure, known as next-generation blockchain technology, to comply with the technical definitions of the blockchain, including unidirectionality, achieving extremely short blocking times.

Thanks to the speed of the UDP protocol, CGA Coin achieved a high transaction speed of a few seconds and is capable of processing more than 6,000 transactions per second.


By adapting blockchain-based cryptocurrency to a gaming ecosystem, we guarantee a practical use of our cryptocurrency, overcoming the biggest obstacle of cryptocurrencies so far.

We plan to gradually expand the use of CGA coins not only in iGaming, but also in rewards store payments, utility coins, etc. Ultimately, our goal is for CGA coin to become a real-world economic tool.

Delegated Proof of Stake [DPoS]

We have moved away from the original PoW method, which requires high computing resources and high hardware specifications, by replacing miners with validators for increased efficiency.

The profit share for each CGA coin holder will be based on the number of coins owned and each holder will be able to participate in the voting for priority rights in the block verification.

In addition, each owner can delegate their vote if they do not wish to perform the block verification, for example when they are offline.

Now let’s move onto our iGaming environment, CGA GAMES.

CGA Betting System

Our entire gaming system, which includes cryptographic technology, introduces our Peer to Peer-based blockchain cryptocurrency to our gaming platform.

As a cryptocurrency, CGA allows direct bets between wallets, with no deposits or debits, ensuring an immediate gaming experience.

Furthermore, since there is no central organisation that monopolises the system, the revenue of all games is accumulated in the individual wallets of the relevant games and distributed to the holders of CGA coins after adjusting the revenue over a certain period of time.

Direct Betting System

Direct betting between Game Wallet and User Wallet eliminates the unnecessary transfer process, offering a safer and faster gaming experience.


Now that you know everything about us, let’s get to know each other better.

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*You can Buy CGA COIN on For any information please chat with us on or contact our support team on [email protected]