What is iGaming?

The past years, or so have seen the emergence of iGaming. It is considered one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet. One of the reasons for this growth is the fast-paced rate of technological advancements as well as more and more people are engaging online globally nowadays. Despite many conflicts with various governmental authorities worldwide, this industry has proven that it is truly a bubble that won’t bust!

So What Exactly is iGaming? 

Let’s Simply identify iGaming (or online gaming) as any activity that involves betting online. The iGaming activities include but are not limited to, sports betting like NFL wagering, online casino betting, poker betting, online video gaming, etc. but the biggest share of this industry is made up of sports betting and casino games. In the modern-day, this timeless activity is carried out through sports betting, online casino gambling, and other skill-based games like poker or blackjack.

What’s the Buzz about iGaming? 

The general concurrence is that the iGaming industry will remain the most significant area of the gaming industry in the future. This tech-savvy generation of punters and gamers want a user-friendly proposition that makes it easy and convenient for them to enjoy gaming wherever, whenever!

Thanks to iGaming (and the Internet of Things), gaming and betting enthusiasts can plunge into whatever game that satisfies their thirst at the comfort of their sofas. The inevitable truth is that the games will only get better, the platforms will get even more space-age, and the future is without a doubt bright for iGaming fanatics!

Interesting right? Feel the thrill and excitement in iGaming.

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the future of iGaming - CGA GAMES NEWS

The future of iGaming: how industry is changing

The future of iGaming. In these 2 years of the pandemic, when most of the time it has been impossible to play at real casinos, we have already had numerous opportunities to play games at new online casinos without the need to go out.

Online slots live poker, and games with players from all over the world or with bots gave us the possibility to play without commuting to the casino building to gamble and have fun.
As a matter of fact, the iGaming industry is only growing and constantly finding new ways to entertain people. Let us take a step into the future and see the possibilities ahead of us.

VR casino experience in iGaming

Some people are in love with the casino atmosphere and culture and sitting in front of a computer screen does not represent the same experience for them. However, they may have a long way to the casino building or just can’t afford the gambling night on site.

AI casino experience might be the ideal solution for such people. They won’t need to leave their houses to enter the casino. VR equipment will be all they need to enjoy the atmosphere while playing with AI characters or real people using the same technology from their houses.

Moreover, the metaverse hype topic perfectly matches this scenario, giving us the chance to feel in the round the casino environment, noises, lights, and fun.

Holographic solutions

The development and growth of the technology and casino industry interest in every new opportunity may lead to wonderful solutions.

One of these might be an entirely online casino that you can enter. A particular gaming table might be displayed to you as a hologram as well as your competitors connected from their houses. Holographic solutions have been with us for some time now, but they are still far from being used in full capacity.

Who knows, maybe one day we will see holograms just like those from science fiction movies?

Playing iGaming with AI

Playing against artificial intelligence might be interesting for the players who are not feeling confident about their skills and experience in games of chance. This might be a form of training to master skills and gain more confidence. Moreover, some developers have already made it possible to try such a thing.

We have already had bots we can play all kinds of games with, but they are not 100% AI, since they are just software with particular code, and AI can make part of decisions on its own.

This is a new level of computer games, including casino games, since AI will not get angry or cheat during its gameplay, but it will always have the best option to win in its “mind” while people can simply miss that and go on with an opportunity that can be passed over.

iGaming Crypto-casinos

Last but not least, the growth of the crypto-world forced the iGaming market to implement fast deposits and withdrawal with cryptocurrencies, in order to give players the possibility to play faster and safer.

The only issue that came up at the very beginning was the connection between the way casinos are used and blockchain. 

Since blockchain has a “born-with” decentralized system, casinos had to figure out how to give bonuses to players, overcome the Ethereum gas fees and solve the cumbersome Bitcoin proof-of-work system.

Nowadays we can play with our cryptos, given that all the crypto-casinos accept from 1 to 17 different currencies.

Why is the iGaming industry so eager to implement newer and newer technologies?

Casinos have now understood that new technologies attract more and more clients, especially those from younger generations who crave from something new every few months.

And with the growing number of online casino players, casinos must always be one step ahead in order not to lose their clients.

Nowadays people who play such games do have a lot more options that can make them want to stick with that game and become addicted to it because they will find something new at each visit. In fact, a wider choice of games and entertainment prevent addiction to one of them since you can switch and try others instead.

Also, casinos have a purpose for their technology, whereas other industries can put new solutions in place only for recognition and audience, but without specific tasks to perform.

In addition, many casino visitors are wealthy people who expect high-quality service and if casinos are stuck in one place, they will surely lose their customers, because outdated, faulty machines and cards sticky from beer and drinks are not things that are tolerated by gamblers anymore.


Keeping up with new technologies is a necessity for casinos. And if they don’t, they will find themselves in the same situation as indoor amusement parks were over a decade ago- outdated and out of fashion.

Casinos, both on-site and online, must do everything to remain popular attractions for gamblers who enjoy variety and quality entertainment that in just a few years only new technologies will be able to provide.

The Steps to take, well explained

Here we are again, dear member to be of our alliance. We hope everything’s fine and please remember to stay safe.

This is the right time for us to explain to you exactly, step by step and little by little, how to join and play within the CGA World, in order to make sure that your time won’t be wasted.

  •  First of all, go to our Signup Page and create an account, by using your email address and choosing a secure password.

After you have checked your email address to verify your account, you’re now ready to deposit*.

Open your CGA wallet by downloading our app:

Apple: CGA iOS Wallet
Android: CGA Android Wallet

Once you have downloaded your app, go back to cgagames.org and click “wallet” on the navigation bar and choose “Deposit”.

Copy your CGA deposit address (sample: cga_3wsu7amn9…), then open your CGA wallet app and paste it into the CGA deposit address.

Then, game on!

If you win and you want to withdraw, you can just easily go on “wallet” in the navigation bar, then click on “withdrawal”.

Input the withdrawal account address and the amount you would like to withdraw, open CGA wallet app, and paste your CGA deposit address.

Confirm and the game is done.

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Crypto Game alliance

Join the Crypto Game Alliance

Hey! Welcome to our first official communication.

We are CGA – the Crypto Game Alliance – and we’re here to introduce our idea, our concept, and our vision on how cryptocurrency and iGaming can coexist in a single, fantastic reality.

In a world crowded with technology, finance, and gaming, people no longer have a clear concept of conscientious gaming. They often let themselves be carried away by word of mouth or, worse, by the news served up by mainstream industry publications, leading to investments and bets on cryptos and casinos that are only recommended and never properly researched.

And you? Do you still want to be told which casino to play in or which crypto to invest in? Of course not, you’re so much more than that.

CGA is alliance and democracy, a concentration of intentions towards the only goal that really matters: PROFIT LAND!

In fact, CGA GAMES and its crypto CGA COIN* allow you to play the most hyped-up games and the most popular providers of the day without limits your STAY BONUS (feature coming soon), thanks to which by owning just 1 CGA COIN, at any one time, you will access the division of profits at the end of the year.

You heard us right: Our STAY BONUS program will give you the ability to share profits with us..

In the name of justice – given that there is so little of it around these days – we believe it’s right for our customers to share a much greater vision than just the game: we want you to team up, to be a part of a techno-nation, all playing under the same philosophy, one that inspires countless others.

Join the alliance and benefit not only as a player but as the owner of the CGA COINS.

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If you’re reading this it’s because you get the title. Don’t worry, it’s not click-bait.

Here at CGA we’ve finally built the perfect combination of cryptocurrencies and iGaming, offering the possibility to holders of our CGA COINS* to play the best iGames on the market and to share profits with us.

This is almost unheard of in the industry, so we understand you might be doubting our democratic method and your scam-alert bells might be ringing…
Don’t worry, we’ve thought about that too.

In fact, for anyone who wants to try us out, we’re offering a free test drive in our alliance: our CGA FREE GAMES service.

That’s right! Visit our website and you’ll be able to play some of the most best-known games, such as baccarat and poker, and without spending a dime you’ll be able to start earning CGA coins that you can use in our CGA GAMES casino.

It’s our philosophy and our sense of justice and loyalty that have led us to this announcement. Our idea of a democratic business is behind our desire to bring our Crypto Game Alliance to everyone, and we really mean everyone!

This is for those of you who are still a bit sceptical, and for those of you who don’t quite feel ready yet to invest immediately in our business: with our CGA FREE GAMES service, you can play with us stress-free and, thanks to the play-to-earn method, earn CGA GAME coins with no up-front payment whatsoever.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to make a profit without paying out up-front: the Alliance cannot guarantee this extraordinary opportunity will be available indefinitely.

Not conviced yet? Well, if you decide to play for real, we have for you a 0.5% cashback guaranteed, real-time, and straight to users’ wallets for all games played on cgagames.org – win or lose.

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Crypto Games CGA

Here you are – Welcome to the Crypto Game Alliance

Hey! If you’ve made it this far, it means that we’ve caught your attention: thanks for that.

The time has come to explain what CGA is and what we’re doing to change the world of cryptocurrencies and gaming, once and for all.

Let’s start with CGA COIN*:

High Speed CGA COIN

CGA COIN is an exclusive cryptocurrency for our Crypto Game Alliance platform, which has resolved issues including:

• slow time blocking
• inefficient mining
• centralised hash power that counteracts decentralisation
• and many more

Users can verify the entire transaction process in seconds: that’s almost instantly compared to Bitcoin!

CGA COIN’s Blockchain Technology

CGA COIN, using the DAG algorithm, applies a block lattice structure, known as next-generation blockchain technology, to comply with the technical definitions of the blockchain, including unidirectionality, achieving extremely short blocking times.

Thanks to the speed of the UDP protocol, CGA Coin achieved a high transaction speed of a few seconds and is capable of processing more than 6,000 transactions per second.


By adapting blockchain-based cryptocurrency to a gaming ecosystem, we guarantee a practical use of our cryptocurrency, overcoming the biggest obstacle of cryptocurrencies so far.

We plan to gradually expand the use of CGA coins not only in iGaming, but also in rewards store payments, utility coins, etc. Ultimately, our goal is for CGA coin to become a real-world economic tool.

Delegated Proof of Stake [DPoS]

We have moved away from the original PoW method, which requires high computing resources and high hardware specifications, by replacing miners with validators for increased efficiency.

The profit share for each CGA coin holder will be based on the number of coins owned and each holder will be able to participate in the voting for priority rights in the block verification.

In addition, each owner can delegate their vote if they do not wish to perform the block verification, for example when they are offline.

Now let’s move onto our iGaming environment, CGA GAMES.

CGA Betting System

Our entire gaming system, which includes cryptographic technology, introduces our Peer to Peer-based blockchain cryptocurrency to our gaming platform.

As a cryptocurrency, CGA allows direct bets between wallets, with no deposits or debits, ensuring an immediate gaming experience.

Furthermore, since there is no central organisation that monopolises the system, the revenue of all games is accumulated in the individual wallets of the relevant games and distributed to the holders of CGA coins after adjusting the revenue over a certain period of time.

Direct Betting System

Direct betting between Game Wallet and User Wallet eliminates the unnecessary transfer process, offering a safer and faster gaming experience.


Now that you know everything about us, let’s get to know each other better.

Join the Crypto Game Alliance by visiting cgacoin.net and creating your wallet or playing for free at beta.cgagames.org.

From there, you can dive into our games at cgagames.org – don’t worry if you lose, you’ll still participate in the profit sharing!

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*You can Buy CGA COIN on explace.net. For any information please chat with us on cgagames.org or contact our support team on [email protected]